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About Catch22

Catch22 is a social business, a not for profit business with a social mission. For over 200 years we have designed and delivered services that build resilience and aspiration in people and communities. As a social business we have the heart of a charity, and the mindset of a business.



. Learn more about our education work here. Catch22 is a registered Charity, you can visit our Charity Commission page here. The most recently published accounts are available here.

Catch22 Midlands School aims to ensure that local young people are included in mainstream education, training or employment so they can participate as full members of their communities.


14-16 Alternative Education | 16-18 Study Programme | Newark and  Nottingham 


Working in-school or off-site to support your curriculum or in a Catch22 school, our programmes and services:


  • re-engage young people at risk of low attendance or social exclusion
  • prepare for the transition secondary to post-16 education, including Study Programme
  • improve academic attainment, behaviour, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • set clear goals and outcomes
  • develop skills for entry into employment
  • provide in-full or supplement your current PSHE/SMSC programme, including drugs awareness, alcohol awareness, sexual health, gangs and crime, leadership, team building, problem solving and working with others
  • make school participation inclusive.


We provide young people aged 14 to 16 with alternative education in order for them to progress and succeed in sustained education or employment. We do this through high quality teaching and learning based on effective relationships that enable the achievement of life skills and meaningful qualifications.



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